Vaccine Information

Recommended Vaccine Schedule for Infants

48 hr 1 mo 2 mo 4 mo 6 mo 9 mo 12 mo 15 mo 18 mo  2 yr
Hib* X
Hepatitis B X X X
Rotavirus (oral) X X X
Pneumococcal X X X X
Chicken Pox X
Hepatitis A X X
Influenza (flu)** X
TB test***

*Combination vaccine known as Pentacel includes diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis, polio and haemophilus influenza B.
** First flu shot is eligible at age 6 months (2 shots, 1 month apart) then once per year during flu season
*** Children at low risk of tuberculosis exposure will have TB screening instead of test.

Revised September 2016


Recommended Vaccine Schedule for Children and Adolescents

4yr 5yr 6-9 yrs 10-11 yrs 12-15yrs 16-18 yrs
Chicken Pox  X
Polio X
Hepatitis A X (if needed)  X (if needed)
Tdap* X
HPV** X (3 doses)  X (if needed)  X (if needed)
Meningococcal*** X  X (if needed)  X (2nd dose)

* Tdap is required on or before entry to grade 6.
** HPV Gardasil is given in 3 doses divided over 6 months starting at 11-13 years old.
*** Menactra is required on or before entry to grade 7 and again before entry to grade 12 (2 doses).


Vaccine Policy

At TLC Pediatrics, we believe that immunizations (“shots”) are one of the most important public health advances in the history of medicine.  As a result of this belief, TLC has implemented a policy that requires the initiation of certain immunizations by specific childhood ages.

There has been a considerable amount of concern over certain alleged risks of immunizations in recent years.  While the doctors at TLC are aware of this, to this point these concerns have not been proven by legitimate medical research.

While we strongly encourage all children to receive their immunizations on the schedule set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we realize that a small number of parents may wish for their children to be immunized at a slower pace.  We ask that, in order for your child to remain a patient with our practice, he or she initiate the following series of immunizations on or before the ages listed:

  • At age 2 months: DTaP, Hib, Prevnar
  • At age 18 months: MMR, Varicella
  • At age 4 years: Hepatitis B, Polio

These immunizations are not required to be given all at one visit, but we encourage the series to be completed as close to the recommended schedule as possible.  Please be aware that if your child will be entering daycare or preschool, they will need most of these immunizations completed prior to enrollment.

We do not accept any patients who do not immunize their children.  You are welcome to start vaccinating your child at this point.  If you have decided against immunizations, however, you will have 30 days to find a new health care provider for your children.

Effective Date January 1 2008
Revised Date September 8 2016



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